Praise for “Men Can”

“Fatherhood is evolving. In Men CAN, Donald Unger tells the story of that evolution in ways that are warm, personal, and compelling. The picture that emerges is a hopeful one, but it will also be helpful and comforting to men and women struggling with new roles at home.”

Jeremy Adam Smith, author, The Daddy Shift; editor

“Unger’s on target in Men CAN. He takes on uncomfortable questions that spin off from a major social transformation. He deftly describes an emerging ethic that benefits children, mothers, and fathers. This is a wise book, with a wry sense of humor, that profiles men who are literally changing what fathering means. Men CAN should be read by those who care about the modern family.”

Haji Shearer, Director, Fatherhood Initiative
Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund

“Unger presents his arguments about the need for fathers to more fully embrace their role—which is central to children’s healthy development—in a way that is both objective and refreshingly intimate and personal. Men CAN has much to offer readers, with its well-organized and powerful narratives of men struggling to find their way in society’s new openness and reliance upon fathers to be primary parents, not just breadwinners.”

Jonathan Diamond, author of Fatherless Sons: Healing the Legacy of Loss

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